Our Cats! Our Cats!

We have nine cats at our house. Only five of them ever come in the house though.. two of the other three are too shy to even let us pet them, and the third will, but he's too shy to come in the house yet. The fourth is almost never around. This part of my page is about those cats. =^_^=

Baxter is probably the most easy-going cat we have. He gets along with everybody, and everybody gets along with him. He's silly too. He talks alot, and has a distinct little mew. :P He has really neat markings too, like some kind of wild cat. More photos of Baxter and all the others will be added to this page.

Little Bit and Baxter like to play together and goof around. Sometimes they sleep on the couch next to each other. My mom found Little Bit when she was working. She left a note on the door of the house he was in front of asking if they had lost a cat, and that she had found it, and that they could call her at our number. She brought Little Bit home. They never called. Now he's ours! He's not afraid of anything. @_@ Which is bad. We have to be careful when we back out of the driveway so we don't run over him. He likes to hop up on the kitchen counter too. ugh @_@ He'll try and hop on our laps at the dinner table. We're hoping he grows out of it...

Jitterbug is probably our most fussy/picky cat. If you sit down and she hops on your lap and gets comfortable, and then you try to move, she growls at you. She always wants out at 4:00am. Sometimes when she jumps off the bed, she makes a burble noise when she hits the floor.. I think that might be a universal cat thing. o.o *shrug* If you open a closet or a box, Jitterbug will come into the room almost immediately and inspect them. We find her asleep in the closet alot. :) She has a sister - Wicker Woo. :) They were adopted at the same time.

Little Bit peeking out of the cat house that sits under the front window of our house. The cats like to use their little house at night. It has a removable triangular plywood window cover that can be taken down in hot weather and put up in cold. Winged Cat and the Kitty Mommas like to use it the most. :) The Kitty Mommas are a pair of sister cats who have completely black fur except for a white smudge under their chin. They each had a litter of kittens, adding up to 8. (probably four each.) One of them died though. The rest were given away. The Winged Cat is the most likely cat to have been those kittens' father. Some of the kittens even looked like him. Another black cat that used to come around the house on a regular basis was Mr. Noodle. He has the same markings as the Kitty Mommas.. which points to the idea he might be their father. We don't see him much anymore.. maybe once every few weeks. Pictures of Mr. Noodle and the Kitty Mommas will be coming on here soon. =^_^=

Little Bit standing on one of our concrete yard mushrooms. Cute! ^_^

Talko eating cat kibble while Baxter waits his turn. Talko always pushes the other cats out of the way at the food bowl.. he's weird that way. o.o

A photo of Talko that when developed, we realized looked like the 'Runny Nose Crying in the Dark scene' from "The Blair Witch Project." Awesome huh? :D

Crazy Talko!

Wicker Woo asleep on the couch. She's our most shy cat that comes inside the house. Talko LOVES to harass her! o.o He gets such a kick out of it. She runs away in terror. We usually have to boot Talko out of the house.

Wicker graduates!

A stray cat that comes around our house, and yes, those are wing-like appendages on it's lower back. The first time I saw the cat, it was really shocking.. then I remembered that I had read about them in books and that what I was looking at was incredibly rare. I also caught it on video tape and showed a bunch of teachers and friends at school. They thought it was awesome. ^_^ Sadly, about 3 weeks after this photo was taken, the cat showed up on our doorstep as usual to eat the cat food, but somebody had cornered it and torn the wings off it. :( It had been bleeding badly. Eventually it scarred over and fur covered it. The cat still comes around the house, but it's still very shy. I was barely able to video tape it when it had the wings.

Another picture of the winged cat, though not as good as the first picture. The cat is now friendly.. he'll let us pet him, and pick him up. He has no neck! :p He probably weighs about 18 or 19 lbs.