Rage Art, drawings by Rage Ryan's Art

rage0001.jpg Rage with hands in his pockets

rage0002.jpg Rage walking sideways, kinda surprised

sdragie1.jpg Tiny pic of SD Rage

rage0003.jpg Rage in a gray shirt, up close

rage0004.jpg A picture of SD Rage sitting on his cute little bum

rageaxer.jpg A picture of Rage, Clint, and Axer. Inside joke. No hard feelings guys. ^-^

ragemlti.jpg A picture of a bunch of little SD Rages. Kinda like Rage and his different moods.

rageschl.jpg A picture of Rage at school about to give some kinda half ass report. This was drawn at school as well as rageaxer.jpg.

ragelined.jpgA cruddy little picture of Rage I did on lined paper.

rageinshirt.gifRage in a funky tan shirt. I was expirementing with colors. @.@

ragedouble.gifRage double picture. I think this was originally scanned by J.Axer.

ragesword.jpgRage stabbing at a pumpkin with a sword.

tinyragehead.jpg Little Rage head looking all cranky and stuff. :p

ragelooking.jpgRage looking left, towards the viewer. :p I drew this the same day as tiredrage, and on the same piece of paper too.

verynervousrage.jpg Rage freaking out, his eyes rolled up all funny. ^_^

varietymushroomsrage.jpg Rage looking at mushrooms, wondering which one to buy.

ragepluh.jpg Rage going 'Pluh' with one of his eyes shut all weird. o.o

ragepainting.jpg Rage painting some kinda picture of something. *shrug*

ragedroolmushroom.jpg Rage finds a magic mushroom! ^_^

foxonmushroom.jpg An imaginary fox sitting on a mushroom in a grove of mushrooms.

dollarsignrage.jpg Rage suddenly gets an idea about how to make/get money easily. :}

brownechidna.jpg An imaginary brown echidna getting all upset.

aneurismrage.jpg Rage's expression when an aneurism bursts. :o