Rage Renditions Rage Renditions

Ever since 1997 when I introduced my character Rage, people have drawn pictures of him for me, and here they are. :)

Original Rage Here's Matt Burt's original drawing of Rage. It was made in May of 1997 I believe. It was the first Rage drawing ever made.

Ciseal's Rage head Ciseal's Rage head! I have always liked this one; Rage is winking. Unfortunately, her section on the SCFA (now known as Yerf.com) was deleted, and along with it went this picture. She now has her own web page, I think it's at Axer Industries, but if its not, email J.Axer and ask him - he'll know where it is.

Rage by Cher Cher's drawing of Rage. This is one of the first few pictures of him in shorts. For a long time he was *gasp* naked!

SD Rage by Tiffany Tiffany's picture of SD Rage! I like this one alot :) She has a web page... Bara-Chan's Cyber Garden

Psycho VS. Rage by J.Axer It's Psycho Vs Rage! This was one of a series of VS. pictures J.Axer was doing around 1998.

B&W Rage by Rittz A tiny picture of Rage drawn by Rittz D. Dawgie. He's done a couple pics of me, I managed to save most of them. He's one of the people who was deleted from the SCFA (Now known as Yerf. I'm not sure where his web page is now, but I think J.Axer would know.

Rage and Maria by Tiffany A picture of Rage and Maria drawn by Tiffany. This one is very old, made way back before anybody knew what Maria looked like. I think it's a good drawing. =) I later found out Maria was far more beautiful than I had expected...

Rage jumping by Tiffany This is the first picture of Rage that Tiffany ever drew, to my knowledge anyway. It's over a year old, dating from back before Ratman banned Sonic art from the SCFA. The SCFA is now notorious for deleting the artists who sign up on it, and for banning almost any kind of artwork you can think of. Anime art has been banned, so has Sonic art and Sailor Moon art, as well as many other kinds.

Rage by Reznor Old timers may remember Reznor Echidna. I sure do. He made me this picture. It's from the August-September period of 1997. :-p

Rage by Sebrina Here's Sebrina's drawing of Rage. This is also one of the very first Rage pictures... hmm... it may have been the third or fourth one. Me and Sebrina haven't talked in ages. The last time we did talk, she expressed that she didn't like me. I have no idea why. o.o

Rage by Psycho Psycho's drawing of Rage! He also made a picture of a Rage plushie by itself, but that erased before I could save it. Psycho is one of the artists who was deleted from the SCFA. This picture was made shortly before Halloween of 1997, right when Psycho decided he didn't like me. Peh..

Rage by Scorch For a long time I didn't know who did this picture, I found out recently it was Scorch.

Rage by Emerald Picture of Rage drawn by Emerald. This is especially unique because he's wearing a buisness suit. Emerald hates me now. :P Ah well, she's still a great artist. Actually, me and her have alot in common: We both like NBC shows, we both like anime, we both like some of the same kinds of music, we both like animals, and we both like sushi. Heh

Rage by Rittz Rittz's first drawing of Rage. There was also a picture of Rage getting mad at a computer, it was titled Rage Against the Machine. ^-^ I didn't manage to save that picture to disc, so maybe someday Rittz will re-scan it or re-do it.This was also one of the pictures that was on Rittz's section at the SCFA. After the section was deleted, Rittz disappeared for a long time, then reappeared only to get in a car accident in real life and vanish again. He came back after recuperating and has his own page now.

Tiffany's Rage Card To my understanding, she made a bunch of cards for different people. Check out her Tripod Bara-chan page for them. I really like this picture because it shows a full view of Rage in his shorts, and then a big portrait in the background. Yay! ^-^

Rage by J.Axer Axer's first of a handful of Rage drawings. Pretty good, nice design. He once wrote me a letter with a picture enclosed of Sonic, Tails and Knux. I really should get that framed. It symbolizes an era. He later re-did this picture only Rage was wearing his trademark wide-leg shorts. For trivia freaks, Rage wears wide-leg BOSS and Polo brand shorts, and as for scent, he wears CK1.

Rage in shorts by J.Axer Axer's picture of Rage in shorts. Later altered for other purposes against copyright.

Rage in trench coat by Axer Axer's drawing of Rage in a trench coat. I think this might have been the last drawing Axer made of me, either that or the Psycho vs Rage one. This picture is dated around late November, early December of 1997. Maybe later.

Rage by Davo Davo's drawing of Rage. They say he drew like Spaz of Archie's Sonic comic, so I guess this is what Rage would look like if he ever appeared in the comic. I speak of Davo in past-tense because he disappeared about a month after drawing this picture and has never been seen since. His e-mail address comes back as being wrong. I'll never forget Davo. Tiffany remembers him, she was the one who showed me his page.

Tiffany taking Rage's ring by Tiffany A drawing Tiffany did in school then took home and scanned of her taking Rage's dreadie ring! Some day they will haul Tiffany away to Cuteville where she belongs. :)

Rage by Flash Drawing by Flash St John, now known as Darius. Most of you remember Flash from way back when he had his Sonic page, and Flash's Chat, and Floating Island Chat, and so on. He has a web page on Furnation now, under the name Darius..soo... .. Check it out! =)

Rage by Roxy9 Roxy9's Rage picture! I like this one alot. =) People ask me what that green thing is. Maria said it looks like radio active goobers. LOL! It's a Choas Emerald. =)

Rage by Rap A picture Rap made of me. Pretty good. =)

Rage by Kami A picture of me and Rap that Kami drew. I like the way she captured me. =)

Another pic of Rage by Ciseal A second picture of me by Ciseal. I was really surprised she actually drew me again, I figured she hated me so much that she wouldn't.

Rage by Cyber Hare A picture made by Cyber Hare, a friend of mine from muck land. :)

Rage by Fallout A picture of Rage standing next to Fallout, drawn by none other than Fallout.

Another picture of Rage by Fallout A picture of Rage and Fallout looking at each other with a large city in the background (Robotropolis?)

Another picture of Rage by Reznor Rage with alot of beads! Yay! ^-^

Rage by Hazard Cat Neat picture of Rage drawn by a friend of mine. See you soon, Hazard ^_^

Rage by Savannah A picture of Rage drawn by Savannah ^_^ She's the same girl who made the web page button for me. Look back on the index page and you'll see it. This picture here had a line right down one side of it, but I managed to edit it out with Paintbrush. I think it was a crease line maybe? :p

Rage by Kathleen "Kat" Najera A drawing that pen pal friend of mine mailed me. :) I scanned it and here it is. Looks like Ragie fells asleep in class... again!

Rage smoking by Rap Here's a pic of Rage sitting on a big rock, smoking. :p Rap drew it. The file is pretty big, so it might take a minute to load. What's that plant growing behind the rock? c.c

Another picture of Rage by Savannah Yay ^-^ Savannah drew me again!

Rage and Rap hugging by Kami A picture I like very much. It's Rap and Rage hugging. Kami's art has improved with leaps and bounds. :) I think this is one of my favorite Rage drawings.