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Mushrooms - Photos, drawings, ect Mushrooms

I made this section cause I love mushrooms. :p Don't ask why.. i just think they are neat. I was raised on the Super Mario Bros. video games, so that might have had something to do with it. Oregon is mushroom country too; lotsa of damp weather and decomposing leaves/brush lying under evergreen trees perfect for little mushroom forests.

Here's an icon I made with paintbrush....

beachmushroom.jpg An amanita muscaria, or "fly agaric", or just plain "amanita". These are the ones that are red with white spots. The book I am reading says they are common, but I have only seen two in person, and I managed to get photos of both of them. :)

beachmushroom2.jpg Another kinda of fly agaric mushroom. This one was further down the road from the previous picture.

drawnmushrooms1.jpg Some fly agaric mushrooms growing around a tree.

drawnmushrooms2.jpg A small mossy mound with mushrooms growing on it.

drawnmushrooms3.jpg A big floating mound with plants and fly agaric mushrooms on it.

drawnmushrooms4.jpg A big floating mound with a tree on it, and mushrooms and plants all around.

drawnmushrooms5.jpg Some cruddy drawings of mushrooms I did. :}

drawnmushrooms6.jpg More fly agarics. :)

drawnmushrooms7.jpg Rage asleep under a big mushroom! ^_^

yardmushroom1.jpg A photo of me painting a concrete yard mushroom that my neighbors had in their yard and they let me have. It belonged to the first family who lived in the house, but they moved and left it. The next family moved and left it too. Now and older couple lives there, and I asked them if I could have it. They didn't even know it was on their property, I had to lead them to the back of the backyard where it was, surrounded by weeds. :)

yardmushroom2.jpg Me sitting next to the finished product of the big yard mushroom in the previous photo. :) It now sits in out back yard.

yardmushroom3.jpg A smaller yard mushroom I bought from Owl Hoot's Yard Ornaments in Albany, Oregon. They have tons of stuff! Five or six different kinds of mushrooms, including a HUGE one that could be used as a stool. The mushroom in this photo is now at my Grandma's house in California, and a pair of plastic squirrels are sitting under it, peeking around looking at each other. :)

yardmushroom4.jpg Another concrete mushroom! I cut out paper eyes and stuck them on it. Groovy! This statue is now painted like the other concrete mushroom, the one with the frog. If I ever sold them, they'd be sold as a set. o.o

yardmushroom5.jpg The concrete mushroom my neighbor gave me. It has a new coat of paint on the cap, and now stands out by our driveway. I need to clean it... :)

'Power of Flight' A painting I found while looking for photos of mushrooms on the net. Painted by a Sweetpea, a member of the Ojibway tribe in Canada. This painting is of a female gathering mushrooms with her traditional harvesting pouch by moonlight. Mushrooms are usually associated with night in the Ojibway culture. The Winged arm alludes to the Amanita's hallucinogenic qualities. The Ojibway's used the Amanita mushroom to experience the ways of Eagles - the Power of Flight.

amanitamuscaria.jpg A yellow amanita with white spots, growing in some dirt.

amanitamuscaria2.jpg A photo of a huge amanita growing in the woods, with several other smaller ones in the background. One of the best photos I have ever seen of an Amanita Muscaria. o.o

amanitamuscaria3.jpg Two Amanita Muscarias with lots of chunky spots.

amanitamuscaria4.jpg A pair of yellow Amanita Muscarias.

amanitamuscaria5.jpg A weird camera angle on this photo. The mushroom looks like it's as big as a maple tree, towering over the camera man. Maybe he was an elf! o.o Damn elves. They always annoy our mushrooms by giving them unwanted publicity. :P But what can ya do, huh? o.o

amanitamuscaria6.jpg A massive Amanita Muscaria with lots and lots of tiny white spots. Looks like the Epcot Center! o.0

amanitamuscaria7.gif A big and a small Amanita Muscaria, the big one looks like it's sheltering the smaller one. :) "Stickin' together is what good mushrooms do!" .... "I hate when the pancakes stick together.."

amanitamuscaria8.jpg Probably the tallest Amanita Muscaria you'll ever see is in this picture.. I estimate it to be about 4 to 5 inches tall. Some other smaller ones are around it.

amanitamuscaria9.jpg Nice little photo of an Amanita Muscaria in some leaves. Looks like a snail or a slug ate it's way through one side though! :)

amanitamuscaria10.jpg A slug eating an amanita muscaria. :)

Dancing Mushroom ^_^ Wake the neighbors, call your friends and relatives!!! WHY? Cause it's the Dancing Mushroom! o/` Buh-dum buh-dum buh-dum... o/`