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"Psycho" (1960) "Psycho" (1960)

Psycho (1960) 109m. **** D:
Alfred Hitchcock. Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh,
Vera Miles, John Gavin, Martin Balsam,
John McIntire, Simon Oakland, John
Anderson, Frank Albertson, Patricia Hitch-
cock. The master's most notorius film is
still terrifying after all these years, as lar-
cenous Leigh picks the wrong place to
spend the night: The Bates Motel (12 cabins,
12 vacancies... and 12 showers), run by a
peculiar young man and his crotchety old
"mother". Hitchcock's murder set pieces
are so potent, they can galvanize (and
frighten) even a viewer who has seen them
before! Bernard Herrmann's legendary (and
endlessly immitated) score adds much to the
excitement. Script by Joseph Stefano from
the Robert Bloch novel. Followed by three
sequels (the last for cable TV) and a TV
movie (BATES MOTEL) decades later!
Available on LD and Cassette.

That was Leonard Maltin's review for the film "Psycho". Here's some photos and other pics. Enjoy. =)