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"North by Northwest" (1959) "North by Northwest" (1959)

North by Northwest (1959) C-136m.
**** D: Alfred Hitchcock. Cary Grant,
Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, Leo G.
Carroll, Martin Landau, Jessie Royce
Landis, Philip Ober, Adam Williams, Jose-
phine Hutchinson, Edward Platt. Quintes-
sential Hitchcock comedy-thriller, with
bewildered ad-man Grant chased cross-coun
try by both spies (who think he's a double
agent) and the police (who think he's an
assassin). One memorable scene after
another, including now-legendary crop-
dusting and Mount Rushmore sequences;
one of the all-time great entertainments.
Witty script by Ernest Lehman, Exciting
score by Bernard Herrmann. VistaVision.
Available on LD and Cassette.

Once again, that's Leonard Maltin's review. You can read his reviews in the book he publishes every year; "Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide". I highly recommend it; it has alot of movies you don't find reviews for. Unfortunately, the only anime it lists is the only one that was ever popular enough to actually make it to America's theaters; "Akira".
Here's some pictures and photos and stuff. Enjoy. =)

Grant realizes the airplane
is chasing him, so he runs
in this now-famous scene.

The airplane almost catches him.

Grant is pulled into a car against
his will and taken to a large house.

He realizes his captors think he's
somebody he's not, and he can't
convince them otherwise.

He protests, telling his captors
to let him go.

He meets up with the woman
who people think is his wife,
but he's never met her.

Just nearly escaping the airplane's
gun fire, Grant runs as it crashes into
it's fuel truck and blows up.

One of the men (James Mason)
trapping Grant at the mansion orders
the others to get him drunk and send
him driving away so he'll have an accident.