About Ryan

Some Photos of Me:

These photos are the most recent, they are from 2004.

Both of these are from around March, 2004.

Both from Easter, 2004 (April 11th).

Senior photo Pic from September, 2000.
Senior photo 2 Pic from September, 2000.

The Champagne Brilliant. A 16mm stone that I bought off Ebay. It came set in a sterling silver pendant. I love it! I saw the same stone a month later, set in a sterling silver ring. It was interesting, but the setting was weak, and only had four prongs holding the massive stone. I later had the stone set in an 8-prong silver ring and sold it to a friend.

Same shot as before, but closer-up.

This and That...
Name: Ryan
Birthday: February 20th
Height: 5'10"
Eye color: Dark brown.
Nicknames: Ragemanchoo
Birthplace: Albany, Oregon
Location: Corvallis, Oregon (October, 2003- )
School: West Albany
Nationality: White (Scottish, English) and Cherokee.
Religion: None
Hobbies: Applied arts. Drawing, painting, pastels, jewelry, researching famous diamonds, famous gems... etc.. I am really into jewelry the most. I've also done pottery and sculpture.
Any Brothers or Sisters?: Yes, one sister.
Dream Car: Too hard to choose. Probably a Rolls-Royce of some kind, most likely a Silver Shadow! Not overly large, and very cool.
Type of car you drive now: It is a 1984 Volvo DL sedan. My first car was a 1978 Cadillac Seville, it was silver with a red leather interior. It developed an engine problem, we decided it would be cheaper to get rid of it than to try and find parts. My second car was a chocolate brown 1975 Mercedes-Benz 300 Diesel with a tan vinyl interior. This was the first year Mercedes made their 300 Diesel model... I think there were alot of bugs because of it. :P It had a transmission problem right off the bat. We fixed it but then it came back sometime later. After that I had a silver 1981 Mercedes-Benz 300 SD (which means TurboDiesel) with a blue vinyl interior. And finally a tan 1984 Volvo DL sedan with a tan fabric interior.
Words or phrases you overuse: "f*ck you!", "can you believe that?", "don't get me started", "piece of shit", "closet gay", "he's hot!", "I wish he were gay", ",
Piercing or tattoos?: None
Best Advice Ever Given: "The truth will set you free." *coughdustinstothoffkylekearnsadamdeannickkeehnchasegourleycough*

Movie: (too hard to choose)
Actor: "
Actress: "
Type of Music: "
Fast Food: Wendys
Drink (Alcoholic): Champagne
Flower: Dafodil, lilacs
Fruit: blueberry, I think.
Cologne: Designer Imposters' "U"
Place/Town: Eugene, Oregon and Portland, Oregon.
Food: Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Thai
Icecream: Peach sorbet...rocky road... fruity stuff!
Drink: (too hard to choose)
Sport to watch: Billiards, most likely. ESPN broadcasts them sometimes.
Sport to Play: Does poker count? :) Hmmm... probably billiards. It's interesting.
Holiday: Maybe St. Patrick's Day... I've always been fond of green, and besides, my first two boyfriends were Irish. ^_~
Books: To Kill a Mockingbird, A Clockwork Orange, The Wizard of Oz, Into Thin Air.
Poem: (too hard to choose)
Subject at School: Jewelry, misc art, Psychology.
Least favorite: MATH!
Store: Hmmmm.... Powells' City of Books in Portland is pretty neat.
Four letter word: Damn.
Animal: Ferret.
Board Game: Showdown Yahtzee, Monopoly, Life, ect.
Candy: Those chocolate orange things! You know, by Terry-Thomas or whoever does those. They had Terry-Thomas in their ads.. even though he's dead? *shrug*
Chewing Gum: Not sure...
Kool Aid Flavor: Lime. They DO make that, right?
Jello Flavor: Lime :)
Chemical Element: Either gold or platinum... depends on the color of the diamonds involved. ^_~
Tree: Cedar. Smells good... I love cedar incense, too.
Song: (too hard to choose)
Orchestral Piece: (too hard to choose - please view my Napster library.. my screen name is ragemanchoo)
Musicians: Oh god.. heres the list. :) The Doors, Janis Joplin, the Beatles, the Band, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Matt Monroe, Liberace, Earl Grant, Jonathan King, David Bowie, Elton John, Shirley Bassey, Doris Day, ABBA, Al Bowlly, Debbie Reynolds, Judy Garland, Lawrence Welk, Percy Faith, Nancy Sinatra, the Beegees, David Shire, Elvis Presley, Glenn Miller, Guy Lombardo, the Singing Nun, Cher, Bernard Herrmann, Bob Dylan, Wendy Carlos, Al Martino, Tommy Dorsey, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, the Mamas and the Papas, Andy Williams, etc.
Musicals: The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, Oklahoma, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc
Radio Station: Oldies 99.1 FM, KSHO AM 920, KEJO AM 1240, KWAX 91.1, etc.
Outfit to Wear: ???
Vacation: California
Oranges or Apples?: Oranges.
Blondes or Brunettes?: Depends on who they are...
Smoker/Nonsmoker?: "
Adidas, Nike, or Reebok?: Vans.
Tall or Short?: Tall. ^_~
Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
TV or Radio?: Radio for some things, and TV for others...
Bacon Bits or Croutons?: Bacon bits!
Lefty, Righty, or Ambi?: Righty.
Fast Dances or Slow Dances?: I can't dance! :P
Bitter or Sweet?: Uhh... sweet?
Diamonds or Pearls?: DIAMONDS!!!!!!!!
Disney or Warner Bros?: Warner Bros. They aren't anywhere nearly as evil.
Gold or Silver?: Well... white gold and yellow gold is a better question. Again, it depends on the diamonds. ^_^
Haagen Daaz or Ben & Jerry's?: Too close to call.
McD's or Burger King?: Burger King!
Pie or Cake? Usually pie, but cheese cake is cool.
Milk or Iced Tea?: Iced tea!
Chocolate or Vanilla?: Whoppers, the original malted chocolate ball. or something.
Oprah or Rosie: Oprah. Rosie needs to come out the closet first, then I'll reconsider. (Rosie came out recently. I wrote that before she came out.)

Gone skinny dipping?: Nope.
Broken the law and gotten caught?: Nope.
Broken a bone? Nope.
Lied?: Yep.. :)
Cheated on a test?: Yep.
Played strip poker?: Nope.
Cried over a boy/girl?: Yep.
Been in love or in it now?: Yep, been in love.. but currently single.

Be a character from a movie, who would you be?: Not sure who...
Be any animal, what would you be?: Maybe a ferret. Or an echidna :D
Have one fairy tale come true, what would it be?: No comment ^_~

DO YOU BELIEVE IN . . . ? Love at first sight?: No... but I do believe in love within the first half hour. That is very possible!
Horoscopes?: To an extent.
Ghosts?: Yes, there's no doubt in my mind. Too much evidence supports the existance of life after death.
Heaven?: I'd like to think so.
Hell?: Well, I think hell is not going to heaven. You just wander around as a spirit on earth for a while, or a long while, depends on how bad you were in your previous life.
Yourself?: Occasionally.

Honestly, what do you notice first?: Not sure.
Thing you hate most about 'em?: PMS
Thing you love most about them?: They have good ideas.

Showered/Bathed?: today, most likely.
Cried?: Not sure.

WHAT IS . . . ?
Your most prized and important possession?: Too hard to choose.
Your good luck charm?: I have been told wearing your birthstone can bring good luck. I don't wear amethyst, though. So I guess I am not sure.
The item you worship most?: The dollar.
Your most humiliating moment?: There are too many to choose..

WHO . . . ?
Is the loudest person you know?: Too hard to choose.
Craziest or silliest person you know? Maybe Jerimiah from the art room ^_^ Either him or Ranger.
Name a few of your good friends: Ranger, Jerimiah, Alex, Josh L., Josh R., too many to count!
Makes you laugh the most?: Usually a stand-up comic on Comedy Central. It varies.
Do you hate?: I don't really hate that many people. Eminem is a bad person. But I don't actually outright hate him. I think that will take care of itself.. I believe he'll go out of style, or get shot, whichever comes first.

School: LBCC then maybe University of Oregon, because they have a jewelry program.
Place to live: Hopefully, a large friendly city.
Marriage?: Maybe. Not sure.
A future family?: Might adopt. I don't want a little kid, though. They are annoying as hell.
Number of kids: Not more than 2.
Names of kids: Maybe name them after movie stars...? *shrug*

Do you drink (alcohol)?: Sometimes
What's your bed time?: Varies.
Do you save e-mails?: Sometimes.
When do you usually go on-line?: To search for things about certain topics, researching school projects, or just to chat. It varies.
What do you think is a good age to get married?: 25.